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Terms And Conditions

- You must be 18 years or older to use this service and website.

- We strongly recommend preparing a written prioritized cleaning list for the worker.

- The client is responsible for providing the cleaning supplies unless otherwise noted.

- The service will be completed on the scheduled date.

- Rescheduling is allowed-- in advance of original appointment date.

- The agency fees change over time, be sure to check the current rate.

- The hourly rate does not include VAT or travel charges unless otherwise noted.

Cancellation policy: Minimum 24 hours’ notice.

Pre-Pesach: Minimum 2 weeks’ notice.

The fee will not be refunded if canceled within that time frame.

- My Cleaning Club mediates between the client and worker. Please contact us to reach your worker.

- As the middleman between the client and the cleaner, we take extra measures to ensure a win /win situation as much as possible for the customer, the cleaner, and us.

- My Cleaning Club employees are not available for private hire and soliciting their service outside of the company framework, while they are employed by My Cleaning Club or afterward, is a breach of trust.

- Under the basic payment plan, the agency is not responsible for paying the Bituach Leumi, pension, Keren Hishtalmut, and other benefits for hiring domestic workers, it is the client’s responsibility. 

- All scheduling is done through the agency so please do not make private arrangements with your cleaner.

- We do not operate on the following holidays: Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Purim, Yom Ha’atzmaut, Election Day, Shavuot, Tisha B’ Av and a few other holidays.

- The price for pre-Pesach cleaning and Sukkot cleaning is higher than the yearly rate and takes effect 3 weeks before Pesach (AKA pre-Pesach).

- My Cleaning Club reserves the right to amend or modify these terms and conditions at any point.

- Any monetary disputes will be resolved by consulting a Beit Din.

Privacy Policy: Your information is safe -- we do not sell, misuse or send spam.


- We strongly suggest putting valuable items away during the cleaning appointment. This agreement releases My Cleaning Club from all liability relating to injuries or property damage that may occur during the cleaning appointment or on location.

- If you refer another client to us, who uses our service, we will gladly apply a 30 NIS discount on your next charge.


My Cleaning Club

Address: Bloch 8, Kiryat Yearim

Phone: +972 54-490-3033


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