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Below is some information about who we are, who we employ, our rates and services and other general information.

If you have any other questions, we'll be happy to answer them.



Who is My Cleaning Club ?

My Cleaning Club is a cleaning service operating since 2012 with many satisfied customers. Our mission: Help Olim in Israel.

As new immigrants ourselves, we saw other Olim struggling like us. Hard to find reliable cleaning help! Hard to find consistent jobs, with flexible hours and in English! Our mission is to take the HEADACHE out of domestic help and put CONVENIENCE back in, while helping our fellow Olim. Many of our employees are here without family, some of them single parents or students. Here we provide them with a good clean honest living, flexible family-friendly work schedules, protecting them under the law, and paying them all the benefits they're entitled to. At the same time, our customers have the satisfaction of knowing they're supporting another family, in a fully legal way, and getting a clean home in the process. You're contributing to a vision bigger than just another clean home. We take pride in trying to match up the right cleaner to the right customer. Wherever we found a way to make it easier for you, we implemented it. And if you think of another way we can make it easier, we're very eager to hear about it.

Join us as we make staying in Israel a reality for others!

What are the benefits by hiring cleaners through My Cleaning Club?


With any of the price plans, you get the following benefits:

  • You get to contribute to society by helping provide jobs for new Olim.

  • Professional cleaners who have been specially trained in sanitizing and disinfecting, in addition to regular cleaning.

  • Vetted cleaners (see hiring procedure below)

  • Male or female cleaners

  • Jewish workers available

  • The option for us to handle the Bituach Leumi, pension and other legal issues related to hiring a cleaner

  • Option to book 2 cleaners for the same time slot to cut down the time in half. (Travel cost is double.)

  • We do all the leg work of finding the right candidates (see hiring procedure below).

  • Over 15 cleaners to choose from. You have the option to pick a particular cleaner or let us pick one for you. When booking online, hover over the name to see the cleaner's profile, including ratings.

  • Re-assigning a new cleaner to you in case you don't like the one you have. In other words, you don't have to be the one to tell them it's not working out.

  • Sending a substitute cleaner in case your regular cleaner can't make it one day (e.g., sick leave).

  • In a case when your regular cleaner is quitting (on the standard maintenance plan), option for your previous cleaner to train the incoming cleaner on the job.

  • If the cleaner we booked for you is a no-show, you get a free 2 hour cleaning appointment on us.

  • For an additional fee of 155 NIS, we loan the cleaning supplies and equipment for your appointment and pick it up after the appointment. Not available pre-Pesach.

  • Easy ways to pay including: cash, bank transfer, PayBox, Bit, credit card, check, Chase QuickPay with Zelle (USD)

  • We contribute 10% of our profits to feeding the poor of Israel and other worthy causes.

  • Convenient online booking at

  • Personal customer service-- someone to hear you out when things go wrong.

  • Satisfaction guaranteed. If one of our cleaners does a poor job, we'll come back and fix it for free.

  • Do you also clean commercial properties such as offices or other commercial properties?
    Yes, we do. If your office or another office you know needs the convenience of consistent cleaning without the hassle, we'll be happy to help them. Our service manager can stop by during office hours for a free price quote. We provide an official Cheshbonit Mas as well.
  • What's next? How do I book an appointment?
    Appointments are booked by email at through our administrative assistant. Advance payment is required to secure your appointment. We will also send you a separate email with more information you'll need regarding the appointment. If none of the slots you wish are available, send us an email, to be added to the waiting list but be sure to include your details.
  • Why should I hire your company instead of a private cleaner?
    There are several advantages a company can provide that a private cleaner can not. Most of them were listed in the question above, "What are the benefits ...?" You're hiring a company that provides a satisfaction guarantee, with a stable 10 year history and a good reputation from hundreds of clients. You have several cleaners to choose from so you can pick the one that you like or switch to another cleaner if you don't like the one you've been assigned. We constantly collect feedback from current clients to determine which employees to keep and which to let go. That way, you're getting an employee that comes highly recommended from other clients. Even more so, it helps deter the cleaners from theft when they know their full time salary is at risk, and not just one client. If you choose a recurring appointment, you can pick a staff member who then becomes your regular cleaner-- you get to know her/ she gets to know you, etc. But in case your regular worker can't make it, we send you a back up so you're not stuck at the last minute. You get the peace of mind of having consistent coverage regardless of the status of your particular cleaner (e.g. if they're ill, out of town, or decided to move onto something else). Not many private cleaners can provide a backup. We've been told again and again that our company provides a comprehensive range of benefits unmatched by private cleaners.
  • Do I have to sign a contract or make a commitment?
    No, there are no contracts to sign. Depending on how the company develops, we might introduce contracts at a later stage. By using our services, you do agree to abide by the guidelines set forth in the "Terms and Conditions", attached below. You can choose to book a one-off cleaning job or schedule recurring cleaning. The frequency is up to you. Even if you choose recurring cleaning, you can choose to cancel a particular appointment at no charge. Client Terms & Conditions
  • How do you treat your employees? How much do they get paid? Why would they want to work for your agency?
    Just by asking that question, it shows us that you care. As you probably know, most Olim who first move to Israel need some time to get settled, learn the language and decide what to do next. Oftentimes, they might be studying in Ulpan or in a university, or are getting ready to join the army. For these reasons, it becomes very difficult for them to find a job with a stable income. They need consistent reliable income while they settle in. Once our recruits pass through the screening process, they go through a paid training where we teach them the skills of cleaning professionally in just a manner of days which can help them earn an honest living. The wages are 50 NIS per hour plus 12 NIS for transport per appointment. Giving someone a job is the highest form of Tzedaka and we feel it is a great privilege to be a part of it. - Besides protecting our employees under the law by ensuring they get all the benefits and rights they're entitled to (see earlier questions), we make sure they are safe and comfortable in the places where they clean. Even if the customer would like a specific cleaner to return, if the cleaner is not happy there, that job will be re-assigned to someone else. Our employees' happiness is actually more important to us than our customers' satisfaction. They're given unlimited vacation time, paternity leave, a work schedule tailor- made to their needs, the option to work in an English- only environment, consistent jobs and consistent wages, salaries paid on time, and the option to work as many or as few hours as they want. All our employees are treated with kindness, compassion and respect and many will testify that the pleasant work environment is unmatched with other employers they've encountered.
  • Who are the cleaners who work for you and what is your hiring procedure?
    These days especially, it is wise to be cautious about who you allow into your home. Your security is important to us, your safety is important to us, and we take this into consideration when hiring our employees. We mainly employ new Olim. The employees are all pre-screened, all of them vetted, all of them trained, all of them English-speaking, all of them legal to work in Israel. That saves you time, headache, and money. We carefully select who we hire into the company and then ensure they go through and pass the whole hiring procedure. If they don't pass, they're not hired. You get peace of mind and security. From the moment someone applies for a job with our company, we start the screening process. If they pass that initial screening, we invite them for an interview, then complete a background check with the applicant's previous employers. If we decide to hire them into the company, they're hired on a trial basis so we can get to know them, checking for trustworthiness, work ethic, reliability, efficiency, etc. All the while, we train them to clean on a professional level- bathrooms, kitchens, floors, windows, etc. Once they pass the test, then we send them out to the clients and follow up to make sure the client is fully satisfied. If you are considering leaving the cleaner alone in the house, we advise you to trust your instinct once you meet your cleaner. Although we do background checks, and nothing has been reported until now, it doesn't guarantee anything for the future.
  • Which areas do you service?
    These are the areas we currently service: all neighborhoods within Jerusalem proper, Maaleh Adumim, Efrat and the Gush area. These are the areas we do not service but which you can request to be added to the waitlist for when we do expand there: Ramot (within Jerusalem), Mevaseret Tzion, Ramat Bet Shemesh, Telzstone, Pisgat Ze'ev, Givat Ze'ev, Modi'in, Kochav Yaakov. Other areas in Israel are currently not available to be waitlisted.
  • What is the cost?
    We provide two pricing plans-- choose the one that's right for you, depending on your needs. You can choose one plan for one appointment and then the other plan for your next appointment or stick with the same plan for all your appointments. Under either plan, the travel charge of 12 NIS is to be paid directly to your worker(s) at the time of the appointment. Basic Plan: 85 NIS per hour per person (year round) 95 NIS per hour per person (during the four weeks before Pesach) Want to try out our service but not ready to set up a standing appointment? Trying out a few of our wonderful employees to find the best match for you? Before you sign up for a repeating housekeeping appointment, we recommend using this plan first. Compared to hiring a freelance/private cleaner for 60-65 NIS per hour, only higher because of the company benefits you get, see next questions. Part of the payment is paid directly to the cleaner by cash, just as you would with a private cleaner, and part of the payment is paid to the agency as a referral fee. Note: The fees in this plan do not cover the social benefits to the cleaner such as Bituach Leumi, pension, etc. (see next questions). Available for the first appointment with a particular cleaner, or a one-off appointment, while you try out the service or the specific cleaner. This plan is available for ongoing or recurring appointments with a specific cleaner, only if the customer sets up the social benefits for the cleaner, as required by law. More economical of the two plans. SOS Plan: SOS calls (less than 24 hours notice) are 105 NIS per hour per person Premium Plan: 95 NIS per hour per person plus VAT Most popular plan This is the plan for those who need a standing appointment (weekly, bi-weekly or monthly) with the same person every time but want all the legal stuff already handled. This plan is not available for single appointments during the Pre-Pesach season (4 weeks before Pesach). It is available for those who established a standing appointment, with the first appointment commencing before Feb 28. All fees are included in this price (e.g., the referral fee, the cleaners' labor cost, employee's legal benefits, holidays, vacation pay, bonuses, taxes, incentives and regular wage increases). The agency handles all the legal matters pertaining to employing a cleaner, mainly setting up their Bituach Leumi, paying into their pension fund, paid vacation, paid sick days, Dmei Havraa, paid holidays and other benefits owed to the cleaner. The cleaner is hired as an employee of the agency and is paid all the social benefits by law. More convenient of the two plans
  • What precautions do your cleaners take for Coronavirus/COVID-19?
    We're living in uncertain times but we try to take maximum protection for our customers and our employees. First, we ask that our employees update us immediately in case they need to go into quarantine- either from exposure to someone confirmed with the virus or possibly having the virus themselves. In such a case, we cancel all their appointments until their tests come back negative. (In case of a last minute cancellation such as this, we can usually send you a back-up.) Second, we ask the same from our customers. That is, in case you need to go into quarantine for exposure to someone else with the virus or for testing positive yourself, we ask that you inform us immediately. We will then cancel your appointments and thereby protect our employees from exposure. Third, our employees take protective measures such as wearing masks, washing hands frequently, keeping 2 meter distance, using hand sanitizer or gloves, and other requirements set forth by the Misrad Habriut. If the customer has special requests, such as staying in a different part of the house while the cleaner is present to minimize exposure even further, our employees are prepared to comply. Lastly, having said all that, we understand that people have different levels of comfort when it comes to this virus and that matters are changing weekly if not daily, so we try to keep abreast of the news and we're also prepared for surprises and last minute changes. We're open to hearing your opinion on the matter and we wish everyone much health!
  • If I want to have a recurring appointment, will I get the same person every time?
    If you want a standing appointment, we do recommend trying out 2 or 3 different workers first until you settle on the right match. Once you decide on a particular cleaner, day and time, just let us know that you would like that to be your recurring appointment. We will update that on the back end. It could be that the cleaner you chose will stick around for the long run or it could be they'll be replaced with someone else a month later. While we try our best to send you the same cleaner every time, this is not something we can guarantee. We understand it is frustrating but there's no guarantee on the length of time the cleaners will be working with us. It could be they are here today, gone tomorrow. It's costly and time-consuming for us to re-train new workers all the time so we definitely understand the hassle you're going through. To minimize this hassle, one of the features we offer you is for your former cleaner to train the incoming cleaner on the job, to minimize your involvement. Of course, if you choose to retrain the new cleaner, that's fine too.
  • Do I have to pay into the cleaner's Bituach Leumi, pension, paid vacation, paid sick days, Dmei Havraa, paid holidays and other legal benefits?
    If it's a first appointment or a one-time job, it is not mandatory. It becomes obligatory when you set up a standing appointment. Only on the Premium plan does the agency take care of these benefits for the cleaner on your behalf. By Israeli law, once an entity, whether a private resident or a company, hires a domestic worker such as a cleaner for a time span of 6 days or longer (not 6 visits, rather, after 6 days elapsed from the first visit), they are establishing an employer-employee relationship. This relationship obligates the employer to pay certain benefits such as Bituach Leumi, pension, paid vacation, paid sick days, Dmei Havraa, paid holidays, etc. to the employee. This applies whether one hires a cleaner privately or through an agency. The exact terms and conditions for each one of the benefits can be found online. Bituach Leumi link for more information on hiring domestic workers:


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