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    My Cleaning Club works hard to    guarantee your satisfaction.

“I don't think my kitchen even looked this good when I first moved in! We're so impressed and pleased with how great the apartment looks. Great service and highly recommended!"
"The cleaner you sent us did a great job and was nice to work with, thanks."
"Y. is working out very well. He's very prompt and thorough, does a very good job cleaning and is very responsive to any request I might have."


"Just wanted to say a big thank you! We are so pleased with A.R. – it’s a real pleasure walking into the office every morning!
Thanks again and have a great day!"
I want to commend M.R. - he worked hard, was really careful, and was very friendly and it was nice to be in the house with him. He cleaned very well. Thank you for your excellent service."

"After hiring many unreliable people for Janitorial work in our building, we finally turned to My Cleaning Club to help us. It's been over a year and every week they send a delightful staff member to clean our building entrance and stairwell for Shabbat. Their workers are trustworthy, reliable, on time and do a fantastic job!"


"Jerry did an excellent job. The house is very clean. He was quick and he even did a few extra things in the kitchen that I had not asked him to do. He is also very personable. Thank you."


A letter from a former employee

"It's not really possible for me to put all my thoughts and feelings to writing. These four and a half years that I was with the company involved so many different experiences, so many gifts, so many different challenges and opportunities, and so much to thank you for.

For me, this job was the door into the world of earning an income. As I expected, it is not an easy world. But, as I learned through working in the company, it can be a world of meaning, satisfaction, fulfillment and growth. To come to a home that is unclean, to work for a few hours and transfom it to a place that is so much more pleasurable to be in, was for me an experience of enormous satisfaction. And it repeated itself day after day, client after client, for weeks and months and years.

For me, this job was my first experience really earning money. As you know, the years I was working in the cleaning company were not easy years in my life. I went from a difficult marriage, to separation, to divorce, and even then the conflicts did not end. But, despite the loss of my marriage, it was a period of my life continually improving. Slowly and painfully, but improving all the same. And my growing financial strength was one of, perhaps even the, most central piece in improving my life. Being able to earn money to live on, by providing services that I chose to provide and that I wanted to provide, and that I enjoyed providing, in environments that were friendly, welcoming and positive from a spiritual angle, within a company that valued Torah and valued kindness, gave me more and more financial strength and helped me in becoming stronger in all other areas of my life as well. 

And through the cleaning, I became connected to so many wonderful people. And basically, I just want to say thank you. It was really wonderful for me working in the cleaning company and I will remember it very fondly. 



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