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Pesach Cleaning

Leave the stress of Pesach cleaning to us!

My Cleaning Club has been professionally cleaning for Pesach since 2012.  We are fully educated in the Halachot, or Jewish laws, involved with cleaning for Pesach.  We have made it our duty to pass-over (pun intended :-) this education to our experienced and fully-trained Jewish staff. Together we offer stress free cleaning services for our clients.

In preparation for Pesach, we will take apart, clean, and put back together the whole house. From scouring the kitchen to vacuuming, from flipping mattresses to cleaning under and behind closets, we can do it all. Our staff can pack away all the chometz, and do a deep and thorough cleaning of your kitchen cabinets, stove, oven and fridge to make sure that there is no trace of chometz. 

We can even shake the seforim and clothes pockets. When we are done the house will look and smell cleaner and fresher than ever. 

Our Pesach cleaning services are offered throughout the entire Jerusalem area.

Pesach Cleaning Services

Available in 4 hour shifts from:

9:00am-1:00pm or 2:00pm-6:00pm


Rate: 130 NIS per hour plus 12 NIS travel cost


Pesach prices in effect for the 4 weeks prior to Pesach.

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