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About Us

My Cleaning Club 

Quality Cleaning Services

Serving the Jerusalem and Surrounding Areas Since 2012

Experienced, reliable, professional cleaning

with friendly customer service!


My Cleaning Club is a professional cleaning company dedicated to providing cleaning services in a reliable and trustworthy manner. 

My Cleaning Club is a cleaning service with many satisfied customers.

Our mission: Help Olim in Israel.

As new immigrants ourselves, we saw other Olim struggling like us. Hard to find reliable cleaning help! Hard to find consistent jobs, with flexible hours and in English! Our mission is to take the HEADACHE out of domestic help and put CONVENIENCE back in, while helping our fellow Olim. Many of our employees are here without family, some of them single parents or students. Here we provide them with a good clean honest living, flexible family-friendly work schedules, protecting them under the law, and paying them all the benefits they're entitled to. At the same time, our customers have the satisfaction of knowing they're supporting another family, in a fully legal way, and getting a clean home in the process. You're contributing to a vision bigger than just another clean home.

Join us as we make staying in Israel a reality for others!


   My Cleaning Club

works hard to guarantee

your satisfaction!




We know the importance of having a capable and efficient service that you can trust.

We take pride in trying to match up the right cleaner to the right customer. Wherever we found a way to make it easier for you, we implemented it. And if you think of another way we can make it easier, we're very eager to hear about it.

My Cleaning Club ensures attention to detail, quality supervision and good communication with our customers.  We make it our business to provide you with great services and available customer support.  

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